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Tomasz W. Kozłowski odder.wiki at gmail.com
Wed Aug 22 15:51:39 UTC 2012

Hello translators,
here's a small translation request for Wiki Loves Monuments'
CentralNotice campaign -- please help if you can!

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Hi all,
as you know, we'll be using the CentralNotice system again this year
to call people to participate in the competition.

[For those of you that don't know the technical details of
CentralNotice: we'll be geolocating our banners to visitors and users
only from the participating countries (35/36 at the moment). The
banners will be displayed on all Wikimedia projects in the language of
the user (or rather his/her browser), and will direct them to an
external Wiki Loves Monuments website for their country (hence the
geolocation) -- for example, users from Argentina will receive a
banner in Spanish (mostly), linking to the Argentinian website:

Just like last year, we need a catchy phrase to interest people in the
contest. Due to a lack of better ideas ;-) the current slogan is the
last year's: "Wiki Loves Monuments: Photograph a monument, help
Wikipedia and win!". This slogan is translated into 17 of the 33
languages used in the participating countries; we still miss the
following ones:

* Afrikaans;
* American English -- not sure if the US guys are going to keep the
phrase "monument"? :-)
* Belarusian (both in the normative ortography and the Taraškievica);
* Czech;
* Hebrew;
* Hindi (not sure if it's going to be used in India?);
* Interlingua;
* Luxembourgish;
* Malayalam;
* Russian;
* Serbian;
* Swahili;
* Tagalog;
* Tamil;
* Ukrainian.

There are also several other languages or dialect/variants I might
have missed (Romantsh, Canadian English, Austrian German, Swiss High
German, German-formal address, and several languages used in South
Africa and India come to my mind first), so if you find one and can
translate into it, please do so!

The slogans can be find at
and that's where the translation should appear also. And let's set
23:59:59 (UTC) as the deadline, because we need to move the
translations onto Meta in time :-))
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Thanks in advance,
Tomasz W. Kozłowski
a.k.a. [[user:odder]]

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