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Thu Sep 1 15:56:56 UTC 2011

There are problems in the Turkish site (especially formatting problems). The
pages are loading rather slow. Tonight I will make another try.
Best Regards, 
Gokhan Abay

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Thank you all so much for your help translating the mobile readers survey!
We now need the translations to be tested.

Below are the translated surveys in each of the languages that have been
programmed into Lime Survey.
Arabic: http://survey.wikimedia.org/index.php?sid=52291&lang=ar
German: http://survey.wikimedia.org/index.php?sid=52291&lang=de
English: http://survey.wikimedia.org/index.php?sid=52291&lang=en
Spanish: http://survey.wikimedia.org/index.php?sid=52291&lang=es
French: http://survey.wikimedia.org/index.php?sid=52291&lang=fr
Japanese: http://survey.wikimedia.org/index.php?sid=52291&lang=ja
Portuguese: http://survey.wikimedia.org/index.php?sid=52291&lang=pt
Russian: http://survey.wikimedia.org/index.php?sid=52291&lang=ru
Turkish: http://survey.wikimedia.org/index.php?sid=52291&lang=tr
Simplified Chinese:
Traditional Chinese:

On the homepage, a few of the languages did not provide a translation for
the Survey Title (Wikipedia Mobile Readers Survey 2011), so it appears in
English for a few of the languages. If you could send them -specifically
Arabic, Chinese (simplified and traditional), & Russian - we would be happy
to update accordingly.

If you have any specific issues, you can post them on the Meta talk page or
reply here.


Casey Brown

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