[Translators-l] Please help us translate the November 2011 Editor Survey

Mani Pande mpande at wikimedia.org
Wed Nov 2 16:38:18 UTC 2011

Hi Siebrand,

We have two options:
1. Have a Finnish Wikipedian answer a question that is not applicable to
them. There will be few who might edit other language Wikipedias, but many
will not. I am a strong believer that we should present questions that are
primarily applicable, although there will always be some that are not.  We
should try and make it as easy and simple as possible for the respondents.
2. Skip this question for Finnish, and we would get enough responses from
this question from other respondents who have used this tool more often.
I am in favor of the second option :) But if there is a strong case for
option number 1, I am open to it :)

Thanks for understanding

On Wed, Nov 2, 2011 at 9:21 AM, Siebrand Mazeland <s.mazeland at xs4all.nl>wrote:

> > It might be best to skip from Q4b to Q7a, and we can take it into account
> > while programming.
> > Mani
> >
> > On Wed, Nov 2, 2011 at 9:08 AM, Olli <ollinpostit at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> >> Hi,
> >> Finnish wikipedia does not have wikilove/Article feedbck tool.
> >> What should I use in that?
> Not sure how the survey will be held, but what if a native Finnish speaker
> is answering the survey about their work on English langauge Wikipedia,
> with the survey language in Finnish? Then those questions would need to be
> translated...
> Siebrand
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