[Translators-l] Der Mundo, a new crowd translation tool for the web, looking for beta testers

Brian McConnell bsmcconnell at gmail.com
Sat Feb 26 18:06:59 UTC 2011


I wanted to send a quick note to let you know about a new crowd translation tool we've developed and are beginning to test this week. It's called Der Mundo (www.dermundo.com) and is best described as Babelfish, powered by people. You can use it to translate any public url on the web, and to create translatable links, such as www.dermundo.com/www.example.com/example

The service is also tightly integrated with social media, so people can easily share translation links with their friends. It is currently integrated with Facebook for login and link sharing, and we'll be adding other options in the near future. 

We're looking for testers, and to get the word out in general. So if you'd like to help out, you can go to www.dermundo.com and dive in. 

Der Mundo was built by the team behind the Worldwide Lexicon, an open source human/machine translation platform that has been in operation for about three years now. Der Mundo is an open content service. Our aim is to create a global translation corpora using user edited translations, and to share this data with translation technology researchers so they can build open systems comparable to Google Translate (at present most machine translation systems are closed systems with closely held translation data).

Thanks for taking time to check it out. If you have feedback, bug reports or feature requests, you can email me here.

Brian McConnell

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