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Niklas Laxström niklas.laxstrom at gmail.com
Mon Dec 26 15:36:33 UTC 2011

On 26 December 2011 17:05, Seb35 <seb35wikipedia at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> When I translate documents into French, I often wonder what is "the"
> correct/better translation of some common words, like "Policy" or
> "Officer". I found some old pages on Meta ([1] and associated) with
> translations of a glossary and common words, in the languages
> en-fr-it-ja-ru and Nemo bis just indicated me a page on translatedwiki [2].
> I started an unified glossary of common words which should have a
> translation, by taking inspiration from fr,ja,ru from meta. You can see an
> implementation on [1] and the common template is [3].
> For now, there is a single template but I think it could be better to
> split into many templates by categories of words. And there is some work
> to determine which words should be added to the template.
> What are you thinking about that?

I think that glossary/terminology is certainly needed, but it must
also be machine readable and multilingual. It should also be
prescriptive where possible to unify also the English usage of terms.
There is no way it will grow into useful level if it is too hard for
all languages to contribute to it. One aspect of this is that the
terms should have definition and/or explanation - how else can you
even start thinking translations for it.


Niklas Laxström

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