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I have found several issues with the Catalan translation, starting with the fact that it does not appear in the selectable menu for languages so I needed to copypaste the corresponding URL. However the most important one is that I have not been able to finish it, as it keeps telling me to have only two answers in Q17 no matter how many of them I check. The other issues I have found before getting to that point are the following ones: Question Q2b is not the one in the meta translation page but a nonsense sentence. Q4b-e should have a field to fill that does not seem to work. The possible answers for Q8c and Q8d are not translated. The text of Q19 was shown but with no possible answers.

Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2011 15:33:37 -0800
From: akhannaawikimedia.org
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Subject: [Translators-l] Please test the Second 2011 Editor Survey

Hi all,

We have finished programming the Second 2011 Editor Survey in 15 languages, with the Japanese programming still in-progress. Once again, thanks for your help with all the translations.

Re: Japanese, there was an internal mix-up, due to which a Japanese translation request was not setup on the Meta hub. To meet our deadline to launch the survey this Thursday, we had to hire a professional translator at the last minute. We will be sharing the translation on this thread as soon as it is ready, and would like the Japanese community to provide feedback on the translated survey.

Please help us test the translations:

English: https://wikimedia.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_eFdcdJKYBHiGnR2&RecipientLanguage=EN
Arabic: https://wikimedia.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_eFdcdJKYBHiGnR2&RecipientLanguage=AR
Catalan: https://wikimedia.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_eFdcdJKYBHiGnR2&RecipientLanguage=CA
German: https://wikimedia.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_eFdcdJKYBHiGnR2&RecipientLanguage=DE
Spanish: https://wikimedia.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_eFdcdJKYBHiGnR2&RecipientLanguage=ES
French: https://wikimedia.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_eFdcdJKYBHiGnR2&RecipientLanguage=FR
Hebrew: https://wikimedia.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_eFdcdJKYBHiGnR2&RecipientLanguage=HE
Hungarian: https://wikimedia.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_eFdcdJKYBHiGnR2&RecipientLanguage=HU
Italian: https://wikimedia.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_eFdcdJKYBHiGnR2&RecipientLanguage=IT
Polish: https://wikimedia.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_eFdcdJKYBHiGnR2&RecipientLanguage=PL
Portuguese: https://wikimedia.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_eFdcdJKYBHiGnR2&RecipientLanguage=PT
Russian: https://wikimedia.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_eFdcdJKYBHiGnR2&RecipientLanguage=RU
Serbo-Croatian: https://wikimedia.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_eFdcdJKYBHiGnR2&RecipientLanguage=SH
Chinese (Simplified): https://wikimedia.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_eFdcdJKYBHiGnR2&RecipientLanguage=ZH-S
Chinese (Traditional): https://wikimedia.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_eFdcdJKYBHiGnR2&RecipientLanguage=ZH-T

We plan to take the survey live on all language Wikipedias tomorrow, with the exception of the English Wikipedia, which will launch on Monday. This is in order to accomodate a Harvard research study that will go live in the next day.

Please let us know if everything looks fine. 

Side-note: [1]The Chinese (Traditional) banner for the survey needs a minor update, should only take a few seconds - http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Research:Wikipedia_Editors_Survey_November_2011/CentralNotice#zh-hant

Thanks a lot for your help. In case there are any questions/concerns, please contact me.
Ayush KhannaData Analyst, Global DevelopmentWikimedia Foundation415.839.6885 x6805

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