[Translators-l] test the editor survey

Béria Lima beria.lima at wikimedia.pt
Sat Apr 9 19:54:50 UTC 2011

Ok, i just took the survery to test it.


   - 1 min (57s42) to answer the Introductory questions
   - 5 min (4m59s55) to answer Section I: Participation and Contribution
   - 4 min (4m13s71) to answer Section II: Technology and Networking
   - 6 min (6m13s57) to answer Section III: Wikipedia Community
   -  3 min (3m05s43) to answer Section IV: Wikipedia Readership and
   - *Total: 19m30s75*

But keep in mind i translated the survery so, at some points i could answer
faster because i remember what was there.


* I'm not completely sure if is in Q4 or Q5 in Section I, but the first
option in portuguese translation show "u" in begin when should show "Eu".
That is a typo who don't exist in meta version, please correct it.

* In Section 4, when ask if I voted for Board of Trustees election (D17)
when i answered "yes" they opened the same question again (i believe should
show me questions D19 and D19a)
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2011/4/9 Casey Brown <lists  caseybrown.org>

> On Sat, Apr 9, 2011 at 1:52 PM, Casey Brown <lists  caseybrown.org> wrote:
> > There will also be a change in the CentralNotice, but that text has
> > not been finalized yet.
> Okay, here's the updated text:
> * Please take the 2011 Editor Survey by <a class="variable_lp"
> href="#">clicking here</a>.
> * Share your experiences and improve Wikipedia.
> * You can save the survey at any time and finish it later, but this
> may be the only time you will see this message.
> The last line will be a small note, probably italicized.  Here's the
> workspace diff: <http://meta.wikimedia.org/?diff=2487803>
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