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Amir E. Aharoni amir.aharoni at mail.huji.ac.il
Sat Apr 9 15:56:45 UTC 2011

There's a huge problem with it: right-to-left directionality is
applied to every paragraph and not to the whole page. This completely
ruins the presentation for Arabic and Hebrew. Just look how the radio
buttons are aligned to understand how bad it is.

There are several smaller problems, but this problem absolutely must
be fixed. In HTML it's very easy to do and i hope that LimeSurvey
doesn't make it a lot harder.

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2011/4/9 Mani Pande <mpande at wikimedia.org>:
> Hello everyone,
> As most of you are aware we are in the process of launching the editor
> survey shortly. We are very excited as the survey has been programmed, and
> is currently available in 22 languages. Thanks for making this possible. We
> would not have had the survey in 22 languages without the help of all the
> editors who volunteered their time to translate the survey.
> The survey is available in the following languages: English, Chinese
> (traditional, Hong Kong), Chinese (simplified), Serbian, Russian,
> Portuguese, Polish, Dutch, Macedonian, Italian, Hungarian, Croatian, Hebrew,
> French, Finnish, Spanish, German, Danish, Welsh, Catalan, Bulgarian and
> Arabic.
> Before we launch the survey, we would like to test the non-English surveys.
> I am hoping that some of you would be willing to test the survey in your
> native language. I want to test the survey for  language and timing. It will
> be akin to taking the survey like a respondent, but responses from the test
> will not be saved. We are only looking for your feedback to make the survey
> better. You can click on the following link to test the survey:
> http://survey.wikimedia.org/index.php?sid=52769&lang=en
> I am hoping to test the survey on two important criteria:
> 1. Timing: Please take the survey without any interruptions, and give us an
> estimate of how long it took to complete the survey. In English, it takes
> about 20 minutes to complete the survey.
> 2. Language: Are the questions easy to understand? I would like to make sure
> that the questions are valid in the local cultural context. Is the
> translation (survey and interface) broken in any way?
> We will close the test on April 13, Wednesday at 12.00 PM (PST). Please send
> your feedback to me at mpande at wikimedia.org till Wednesday.
> Thanks in advance
> Mani
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