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Sat Nov 20 11:51:36 UTC 2010

Thank you for your replies. 

First with regard to the links from the central notice to the fundraiser translation pages on meta, I did mean linking from every wiki, but understand your decision not to add a distracting link to each site banner, even for a few days. Thank you for adding a site notice link on meta itself to the fundraiser pages - that is very handy.

With regard to the PayFlowPro Gateway extension translation, you have asked what screens I get to see. I will first describe the situation when I click on the 'donate' button in the sidebar of Welsh Wikipedia or Welsh Wiktionary. When I do that I go to the Welsh version of the appeal letter, with the Welsh donation interface messages on the right hand side. If I click on the 'Pay via credit card' link I go to another
 interface with the appeal letter on the left and Welsh donation interface messages.  If I click on the 'Pay via PayPal' link I go to an English redirection screen followed by an English PayPal screen, with different messages than the ones on the extension. Presumably if this is PayPal's own screen then we can't translate it. 

The latest batch of new PayFlowPro Gateway extension messages do not appear on any screen that I can see. Examples are 'Donation' and 'Please complete your donation below...'. I have scoured the test pages on meta and cannot find them there either. Raymond at translatewiki.net kindly forwarded my pleas for message documentation to mediawiki at http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Special:Code/MediaWiki/75835. The more I think about this, the more I am happy to sit back and wait for these latest messages to appear somewhere. Then if and when I notice that they have appeared, I can make a screenshot myself and post it to the
 message documentation, for the benefit of other translators. 

A digression... 
Actually, 'Please compete your donation below...' is a very good illustration of how knowing the context of a message, in this case seeing what is actually 'below' makes translation a doddle, but without the context the message is just a collection of words with no meaning to them.

Back to business...
With regard to the links to the fundraiser via the central notice on Welsh Wikipedia and Welsh Wiktionary. The original site notice appears in Welsh. A few days ago a new site notice appeared, in English, and this alternates with the original banner, at random I think. This English banner I have translated as part of the new core messages at meta, so when these are eventually published both site notices will appear in Welsh, I assume. 

I accept that you are pushed to get everything done. However, I draw your attention again to the fact that 'core messages' includes the central notices. The central notices appear on every page of every wiki in all languages (yes I know I'm stating the obvious). You have had a message about this from the Telegu wiki as well as ourselves. I think the best word to describe what this banner in English achieves is alienate (whereas in the language of the wiki it would achieve the exact opposite). So can publishing core messages please please please be a priority.

The link to the appeal from both versions of the site notice leads directly to this

I am physically in Wales so it leads to the UK chapter donation pages. I have already had some contact with j alexander at wikimedia.org and Joseph Seddon at the UK Chapter, and hopefully, since the appeal letter now has a published Welsh version, they can assist in making the pages appear in Welsh.

Sorry about the length of this message. If I were posting this to translatewiki.net I'd get a very stern sermon about separating topics into different threads!!!

With best wishes,
(Miss) Eleri James

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