[Translators-l] Where are we with the fundraiser?

Eleri James elerijms at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Nov 19 21:54:13 UTC 2010

We translators were asked to translate messages at translatewiki.net for the Donate interface and Payflowpro gateway extensions, which I have largely done for Welsh, despite being handicapped with no screenshots or message documentation. But the appeal letter doesn't feed through to a PayPal screen with these messages on, which makes me think that the extension possibly won't be ready to use during this Fundraiser. Is this right? If so, then I can relax about these extensions and just wait for documentation and screenshots to appear before completing the translations.

The latest version of the appeal banner links to the appeal letter, with donation messages which are on the Fundraising 2010/core messages for translation at meta, rather than the Donate interface extension messages at translatewiki.net. I completed the translation of the new core messages (including the text of the latest site notice) 3 days ago, since it seemed urgent to translate something which has already been put to use in the Fundraiser. Presumably the volunteers who are able to publish these are just snowed under, but I want to request publication anyway. It is really annoying to have the site message appear in English.

When site notices were posted for all foundation wikis together, it used to be that a link to the translation pages on meta was provided on the site notice. The site banner this year has no such link. Is this deliberate? Would you consider putting a link up just for a few days, to encourage more translations?

That's all for now I think.
Eleri James

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