[Translators-l] New request: Licensing tutorial for Wikimedia Commons

Maryanna maryannapoli at gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 15:12:34 UTC 2010

Guillaume, I noticed you fixed some problems on the Italian licensing  
tutorial svg file. But there's a part missing now. the one that says  
"natural landscapes, animals, plants."
Is that normal? Because I found the same problem on the other  
languages svg files.


Il giorno 08/nov/10, alle ore 7:38, Guillaume Paumier ha scritto:

> Dear all,
> Although I knew Wikimedia translators were quick, I'm just amazed at  
> all
> the work done over the week-end. You're all *amazing*! Thanks so much
> Let me try to summarize the questions:
> Le dimanche 07 novembre 2010 à 07:48 +1300, Bojan Jankuloski a écrit :
>> I only wonder - why did we have to translate it there, if we are
> supposed to
>> upload the file, categorize it, etc ourselves?? (as stated under
> "Uploading
>> the file to Wikimedia Commons" in your instructions). Should we (for
> some
>> reason) also translate the SVG image in a vector editor?
> There are three reasons why I asked the translation to be done first  
> on
> meta, before localizing the SVG file:
> 1. Meta has a good process for translation, where the translation  
> has to
> be checked (proofread) by someone else to ensure good quality.
> 2. Someone may be able to translate, but not know how to edit the SVG
> file. By decoupling the two actions, more people are able to
> participate.
> 3. Once we have the text version of the tutorial, we can reuse it, for
> example, to add it as alternative text to the image for blind people.
> Le dimanche 07 novembre 2010 à 08:48 +0300, Mohamed Ibrahim a écrit :
>> I had to convert the text into paths to display correctly on the
> browser, resulting in a relatively big file.
>> Any ideas how to solve this without the need to convert?
> What was displayed incorrectly? It's probably due to a difference
> between the font you used on your computer, and the fonts available on
> Wikimedia servers. I'm going to check with the tech team to see what
> fonts we have. Which one did you use?
> Le dimanche 07 novembre 2010 à 15:30 +0100, Maryanna a écrit :
>> Italian svg file uploaded!
>> Please, can anyone check it?
>> and I think it also needs an administrator check.
> Great job! There seems to be a few technical issues that I'll try to  
> fix
> today.
> Thanks again, everyone! You've really done a fantastic job. I'll be
> taking a look today at the translations and the SVG files. If anyone
> needs help, feel free to ask!
> -- 
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