[Translators-l] New request: Licensing tutorial for Wikimedia Commons

Guillaume Paumier gpaumier at wikimedia.org
Mon Nov 8 18:38:07 UTC 2010

Dear all,

Although I knew Wikimedia translators were quick, I'm just amazed at all
the work done over the week-end. You're all *amazing*! Thanks so much

Let me try to summarize the questions:

Le dimanche 07 novembre 2010 à 07:48 +1300, Bojan Jankuloski a écrit :
> I only wonder - why did we have to translate it there, if we are
supposed to 
> upload the file, categorize it, etc ourselves?? (as stated under
> the file to Wikimedia Commons" in your instructions). Should we (for
> reason) also translate the SVG image in a vector editor?

There are three reasons why I asked the translation to be done first on
meta, before localizing the SVG file:
1. Meta has a good process for translation, where the translation has to
be checked (proofread) by someone else to ensure good quality.
2. Someone may be able to translate, but not know how to edit the SVG
file. By decoupling the two actions, more people are able to
3. Once we have the text version of the tutorial, we can reuse it, for
example, to add it as alternative text to the image for blind people.

Le dimanche 07 novembre 2010 à 08:48 +0300, Mohamed Ibrahim a écrit :
> I had to convert the text into paths to display correctly on the
browser, resulting in a relatively big file.
> Any ideas how to solve this without the need to convert?

What was displayed incorrectly? It's probably due to a difference
between the font you used on your computer, and the fonts available on
Wikimedia servers. I'm going to check with the tech team to see what
fonts we have. Which one did you use?

Le dimanche 07 novembre 2010 à 15:30 +0100, Maryanna a écrit :
> Italian svg file uploaded!
> Please, can anyone check it?
> and I think it also needs an administrator check.

Great job! There seems to be a few technical issues that I'll try to fix

Thanks again, everyone! You've really done a fantastic job. I'll be
taking a look today at the translations and the SVG files. If anyone
needs help, feel free to ask!

Guillaume Paumier
Product Manager - Wikimedia Foundation
Support Free Knowledge: http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Donate

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