[Translators-l] Dutch translation of second Jimmy appeal

Corinne Bekker corinne.bekker at xs4all.nl
Thu Dec 16 14:39:29 UTC 2010

Hi all

I have recently joined the fundraiser team - for the Netherlands. And as part of this task have just subscribed to this list. I was hapy to see two messages of other editors asking for proofreading and other things. 

I have read the  new Jimmy appeal - as it said 'needs proofreading' I checked it and 'localized' it, and took out some mistakes. 

If anyone wants to hear why I changed the things I did,  I am happy to answer your questions.

I am still puzzled by the phrase "... and leave the waste to others " in the original letter. I kept it in the Dutch version - even though I don't know what Jimmy means. I would welcome responses to that question. (In fact, without any explanation I am inclined to leave it out - it is not my idea of a good persuasive text to leave in empty words.)

As we want to start using it as soon as possible, I would very much appreciate if someone could (proof)read it one more time. 

Thank you very much,


Fundraiser for the Dutch Wikimedia Chapter

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