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Thank you for taking the trouble to look into this.

The 'donate' link from the sidebar is taking me to the Welsh version of the page now, but it too was going to the Wikimedia UK page when I last checked this morning!

Translation of the Wikimedia UK landing pages now in hand, with the help of Casey Brown.


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Eleri James napisa:
> The additional core messages for the Welsh fundraiser were published on 30 November. However, the 'read now' button

  on the banner is still appearing in English on Welsh Wikipedia - see 
> Also, we are still being directed to a 'UKtesting' landing page which is in Englishsee



Hi Eleri,

on my banner isn't a "read now" button. The banner link leads to the 
country chapter of the current user resp. browser. For me it is the 
German Wikimedia chapter. No matter which WP language version, you will 
be led to the UK site and I to the site of the German Wikimedia chapter. 
The Welsh text for the appeal you will see clicking the link in the side 
bar ("Rhoi" in Welsh Wikipedia). But it seems that the appeal text has 
not been translated into Welsh yet. The rest of the page behind the 
"Rhoi" link is in Welsh, only not the appeal text itself.

And if you go to


you will see that the appeal text has not been translated yet.


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