[Translators-l] Strategic Planning Office Hours

Philippe Beaudette pbeaudette at wikimedia.org
Mon Oct 19 17:30:43 UTC 2009

Strategic Planning office hours tomorrow - Tuesdays from 20:00-21:00  
UTC, which is: 1-2pm PDT, 4-5pm EDT.

This is one of those rare and fun occasions when Eugene and Philippe  
are co-located, so maybe we'll even turn on the skype camera or  
something.... no promises, I'm not even sure if Skype works in the new  
office yet. :-)

We meet in #wikimedia-strategy on the freenode network.  You can  
access the chat by going to https://webchat.freenode.net/ and filling  
in a username and the channel name (#wikimedia-strategy). You may be  
prompted to click through a security warning. It's fine. Another  
option is http://chat.wikizine.org.
For more information about IRC clients, go to the Wikipedia entry on  
IRC or the Meta page on Wikimedia IRC.

Philippe Beaudette	
Facilitator, Strategic Planning
Wikimedia Foundation

philippe at wikimedia.org

Imagine a world in which every human being can freely share in
the sum of all knowledge.  Help us make it a reality!


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