[Translators-l] Redundant Messages - why do we have to translate them several times?

Robby Scheueren robby.scheueren at internet.lu
Wed Nov 25 19:09:52 UTC 2009

When translating the supplementary messages I noticed that here are some
messaages which where already used in the previous campaign. When I saw this
a few questions (which I have already in my mind for quite a time) appeared
for me:

1.	Why is it necessary to translate the same message (sentence several
times)? Would it not be easier (at least for the translaters) just to reuse
2.	I do not really understand why you do not use the 8at least in my
eyes) much more userfriendly system of translating individual messages as i
t works pretty fine on translatewiki? Especially as for some messages
translatewiki is already used by now and regarding the fact that
translatewiki is now (officially?) supported by the Wikimedia Foundation?

best regards

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