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The translated version of the Malay (ms) thank you message status is published. However, there isn't any link onto that site. 

The core message on the main WP Malay page still directs to the donate page. The links below the thank you message of the English version directs to the donate page instead of the translated version of thank you message.  

--Kong Soon 
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Hi all.

Here's the final translation request for the 2008 fundraiser, the
Thank You letter from Jimmy and its notice.

This letter thanks all of the donors for donating and should help us
bring in even more donations as well.  According to Sue, this notice
will replace all the other notices from the Fundraiser (it will be
shown at 100%) and will be rolled out tomorrow.

The source shouldn't change too much between now and then, so you can
get started translating the documents.

Thanks again for all your work!

Casey Brown

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