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On Tue, Oct 21, 2008 at 6:17 PM, Thomas Goldammer <thogol at googlemail.com>wrote:

> Hoi,

Hallo. ;-)

> I did the German part,

Great!  Danke. :D

> but there were some phrases where I either was
> uncertain or did just guess what was meant. I put comments on the
> parts that are a little bit tricky.

Sorry about that.  It should be clearer soon, when we actually have the live
drafts up for you guys to see where everything fits in (should provide more

> The weirdest things were:
> #92: What is meant by "stock"?

ie. a part of a company, like if someone wants to donate us Google Stock: <

#102: What does the last sentence mean? ("Chapters listed here also
> invest 50% of their proceeds in activities agreed upon with the
> international Wikimedia Foundation.") Does that mean that the intl.
> WMF has to agree to 50% of the investments of local chapters or
> something like that?

My interpretation of this is that there will be a list of chapters beneath
that.  Those chapters will take 50% of the money received during this
fundraiser and (instead of deciding their own activities as independent
associations) they will talk with the Foundation about what to do with that
money (50% of it).  It's a little confusing... :-/

#115: What are "audio PSAs"???

Public service announcement: <
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_service_announcement>; ie. Let's say you
have a podcast.  At the end of your podcast you will play one of these
"audio PSAs" which will say something like "Wikipedia is a non-profit,
please donate now to keep it running!"  It is like an advertisement one
hears of the radio.

#123: The second sentence is completely unclear to me. ("Chapters
> support outreach in their region or territory, and also conduct local
> fundraising campaigns alongside the Wikimedia Foundation.")

This seems to mean that chapters work in *their* area (ie. Wikimedia
Deutschland works in Germany) to get the word out about Wikimedia (ie. hold
Wikipedia Academies, distribute pamphlets, etc.).  However, we're also
mentioning that they fundraise *with* the Foundation itself.  This could
include anything from a localized donation page ("In Germany, you can deduct
XXX from your income after donating to WMDE!") to actually paying for PSAs
to run on television there.

> Maybe some German speakers who are better in English than me are
> reading this and can proofread the stuff.

Your English is great, Thogo. ;-)

Cary, Jay, Rand:  If I interpretted this differently than you guys did --
please speak up. :-)

Casey Brown

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