[Translators-l] [Fundraiser 2008] Translations begin!

Thomas Goldammer thogol at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 21 22:17:14 UTC 2008


I did the German part, but there were some phrases where I either was
uncertain or did just guess what was meant. I put comments on the
parts that are a little bit tricky. The weirdest things were:
#92: What is meant by "stock"?
#102: What does the last sentence mean? ("Chapters listed here also
invest 50% of their proceeds in activities agreed upon with the
international Wikimedia Foundation.") Does that mean that the intl.
WMF has to agree to 50% of the investments of local chapters or
something like that?
#115: What are "audio PSAs"???
#123: The second sentence is completely unclear to me. ("Chapters
support outreach in their region or territory, and also conduct local
fundraising campaigns alongside the Wikimedia Foundation.")

Maybe some German speakers who are better in English than me are
reading this and can proofread the stuff.


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