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as far as I know, temp sysop is easily granted for any technical
purpose including translation etc. In your case, Mormegil, I strongly
endorse your request if you would like to have it based on your long
term devotion and good reputation.

For central notice, unless I misunderstand, it can be set both for
multiple wikis (e.g. for all projects of a certain language) and for a
single wiki (e.g. for Czeck Wikinews). If it is much easier, it would
be an idea to set up single notice for each Czeck projects ... anyway
there are only up to nine projects.



On Tue, Nov 11, 2008 at 6:46 PM, Petr Kadlec <petr.kadlec at gmail.com> wrote:
> 2008/11/11 Casey Brown <cbrown1023.ml at gmail.com>:
>> The CentralNotices are now live on all the projects (including sister
>> projects).  To make this possible, we had to change translations of
>> "Wikipedia" to "{{SITENAME}}".  Some languages (like ru/uk), will need
>> more changes in order to have accurate grammar.  If your language is
>> one of these, please respond to this e-mail.
> In Czech (cs), you need to take into account the grammatical gender
> and number of the names. While "Wikipedie" (Wikipedia) is feminine
> singular, "Wikislovník" (Wiktionary) is masculine singular, Wikinews
> is plural, etc. But, since all projects share the same central notice
> template, and differ only in the language, it is not that easy, I am
> afraid.
> More specifically:
> 2008 meter 1-donate-text cannot have identical text for all projects,
> since Wikipedia and Wikiversity (and all those using "Wikimedia"
> instead of the site name) need
> {{SITENAME}} je závislá na vašich příspěvcích, přispějte i vy.
> Wiktionary needs
> {{SITENAME}} je závislý na vašich příspěvcích, přispějte i vy.
> and Wikiquote, Wikibooks, and Wikinews require
> {{SITENAME}} jsou závislé na vašich příspěvcích, přispějte i vy.
> Dtto for 2008 nometer 2-donate-text – for Wikipedia and Wikiversity:
> {{SITENAME}} je zde pro vás, když ji potřebujete – teď potřebuje ona vás.
> for Wiktionary:
> {{SITENAME}} je zde pro vás, když jej potřebujete – teď potřebuje on vás.
> and for Wikiquote, Wikibooks, and Wikinews:
> {{SITENAME}} jsou zde pro vás, když je potřebujete – teď potřebují ony vás.
> This could easily be reduced to two cases instead of three, or get rid
> of {{SITENAME}} entirely and use "we", which would work around the
> problem entirely.
> Also, grammatical case needs to be observed, but that would be
> possible even across projects using {{grammar:}} – all
> donate-text-small needs to have {{grammar:4sg}} applied to
> {{SITENAME}}, i.e.:
> Podpořte neziskový projekt. Podpořte {{grammar:4sg|{{SITENAME}}}}.
> (Or, is it possible to receive centralnotice_translate_rights on Meta?)
> -- [[cs:User:Mormegil | Petr Kadlec]]
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