[Translators-l] (Very short) voter notification page needs translating

Maria Fanucchi marialadouce at gmail.com
Tue May 20 02:05:42 UTC 2008

[Also sent to the translators who volunteered to translate board election
pages. Apologies, then, to those who will get this message twice.]

Hello everyone,

This is just a quick e-mail to say that the voter notification e-mail has
been added to the list of pages to translate for the elections. It's four or
five sentences long, so it shouldn't take up any more than 5 minutes or so
of your time.

The original English-language page is here:

And the main translation page is, of course, still here:

I'll take advantage of this update to mention that we are still looking for
English>Arabic translators willing and able to help translate the board
elections pages; only a couple of pages of the ar: versions have been done
(or started and not finished). Please pitch in if you can. The Hebrew,
Hungarian, Ukrainian and Bahasa Indonesia pages also need work.


[[User:Arria Belli]]
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