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Head up, folks ;) While it is not very soon (in weeks, I mean), but in
this summer, Florence said it would be a "full update" - so for us,
full update of our engaging language version as well.

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During the last board meeting, the board approved the following resolution

The Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees will amend its privacy policy
to notify, when possible, those members of the community whose
personally identifiable data has been sought through, or produced as a
result of, civil or criminal legal process, except when such
notification is forbidden by state or federal law in the United States
of America.

This change of policy was suggested early march by Nsk92, following the
Video Professor incident.
After I was informed of this request, I added it on the board agenda and
asked Mike Godwin to come with an appropriate text.

As a matter of interest, I had asked Mike to review entirely, and to
work on a full update of our privacy policy. We should expect a full
draft for this summer. However, I felt that this little update could
anticipate the brand new summer version.



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