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I'll try to get through with the PL version ASAP. Means, 
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Wojtek ([[User:Wpedzich]])

Erik Moeller pisze:
> All -
> the below announcement needs to be translated into as many languages
> as possible. I would suggest, as a process, that
> * I will send it to a bunch of mailing lists on Thursday evening PST,
> e.g. wikipedia-l, wikien-l, foundation-l.
> * People on this list speaking various languages will have prepared
> translations ready by then, and can send them directly to the relevant
> lists in their language.
> Does that make sense?
> Thanks,
> Erik
> Subject: Help us Test Stable Versions!
> Please translate this announcement into other languages and forward it
> to other mailing lists and village pumps.
> The Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia Germany have collaborated, with
> financial support from Wikimedia France, to support development of a
> new extension to our software
> which makes it possible to flag versions of wiki articles as having
> reached a certain quality. This new toolset could mark the beginning
> of a new era for Wikipedia and its sister projects, giving readers
> more transparency than ever about the quality of a given article. A
> special note of thanks to Aaron Schulz, who has developed much of the
> functionality as a volunteer -- we would not be where we are today
> without him.
> Before this functionality will be enabled on any Wikimedia project, it
> needs to be tested thoroughly for usability, bugs, security and
> performance. Test wikis have been set up in English and German
> (because the German Wikimedia community has been driving the
> development of this functionality from the beginning).
> http://en.labs.wikimedia.org/
> http://de.labs.wikimedia.org/
> These wikis contain a copy of the Wikibooks database. This copy is
> completely separate from the "real" Wikibooks, so do not worry about
> destroying anything of value. Please follow the instructions on the
> Main Pages to participate. If you do not speak English or German, we
> encourage you right now to
> - set up test wikis independently using the open source extension
> available from http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:FlaggedRevs ,
> or
> - change the user interface preference, and create pages in the
> English test wiki in your language.
> This is due to our limited capacity to set up additional wikis. If you
> feel you really, absolutely, strongly need a test wiki in your
> language, please file a request through:
> https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/
> Wikimedia communities will also have to decide what kind of
> configuration to use for their project. Key questions to answer
> include:
> - What quality attributes should there be?
> - Who should be permitted to flag changes as having been reviewed for
> vandalism, or for other quality attributes?
> - Should the default view for unregistered users change to the "stable
> version" on all pages, some pages, or no pages?
> The German Wikimedia community has implemented a particular
> long-standing community proposal and will probably go live the soonest
> with this configuration; other communities will still have to develop
> consensus.
> == What's next? ==
> The test will run at least until April 10, 2008 before the extension
> is implemented live on any wiki. This is to allow any serious problems
> to be surfaced by the community. If there are no critical open issues
> as of April 10, any language/project community will be permitted to
> file a request through https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/ to activate the
> extension. This request will have to point to pages in the project
> indicating a consensus to move forward. Detailed instructions to do so
> will be posted on the test wikis.
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