[Translators-l] (Important) Survey translators needed

Erik Moeller erik at wikimedia.org
Mon Jun 2 23:27:40 UTC 2008

All -

as per our earlier announcement:


In collaboration with a research group at UNU Merit, we're about to
launch the first survey of Wikipedia readers & contributors. We're
limiting the publication of the questionnaire right now to avoid
introducing early distortions, since you are also research subjects.
:-) We've solicited feedback from a group of testers on the
questionnaire; separately, we need to translate the survey questions &
answers into as many languages as possible. The overall amount of text
to be translated is about 25,000 characters.

This is a key project to study our contributors & our audience. The
more languages we can translate to, the better. :-)

If you are willing to translate from English into another language, please:

1) E-mail me offlist.

2) Let me know:
* the language(s) you speak
* the proficiency (native; very good; good; etc.)

3) We'll add you to the pool of translators as needed.

I am maintaining an internal assignment spreadsheet. We will try to
pair up translators & translation reviewers for each language. You'll
receive the questions in OpenOffice and Excel format - use whichever
suits you best.

The goal is to complete translations within the next two weeks. :-)
Your help is very much welcome & needed.
Erik Möller
Deputy Director, Wikimedia Foundation

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