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Siebrand Mazeland s.mazeland at xs4all.nl
Mon Feb 18 10:47:39 UTC 2008

Hi Wegge,

Contrary to your belief I think you I are still quite angry at something that happended or something that someone did or wrote. I have problem identifying what it is exactly, which makes it hard to address. I find few of the statements you made below to be true.

Can you let us know what you would need to be satisfied, or in your eyes be properly credited for everything you have done for the Danish translation? Your current choice of debate does not strike me as solution driven, which is something I personally very much prefer.

Kind regards,

Siebrand Mazeland

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Onderwerp: Re: [Wikitech-l] An update on localisation in MediaWiki

Anders Wegge Jakobsen <wegge at wegge.dk> writes:

 Six weeks ago I became involved in an argument about translation of the mediawiki software. I made the comment below.

>  Yes, the obvious solution is that I maintain a private translation; 
> at the same time one or more of the admins at dawiki plays catchup, 
> whenever the inerface suddenly start sprouting english words, and the 
> rest of the world get to see the worst of OSS. Everyone is happy.

 Unfortunately, it have proven to be true. No substantial changes to the danish localization have happened since then. Since I have cooled of a bit since then, and my prediction have proven true, I'll try to summarize the problems with localization on translatewiki as I see

* With the current setup, translators will need to access the code, to
  actually see what cryptical strings like 'You have not specified
  target revision or revi sions to perform this function on.' actually

* That a web interface exists does not equal that a large horde of
  skilled translators will be attracted.

* Noone likes to see others credited with their work.

 This is not an attempt to renew a heated argument. The idea of providing a relative easy-to-use interface for translation work is better than having no one translating the interface into any particular language. But in my opinion, it is not at present time a substitute for having someone wit at least rudimentary PHP coding skills doing the translation and submitting patches or direct commits to svn.

 And yes, the issue of crediting work was what angered me most. It still is, and unless I'm the one individual in the world with the thinnest skin on this matter, this issue will arise again.

// Wegge
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