[Translators-l] Translation of articles etc. for fundraiser

Sabine Cretella sabine_cretella at yahoo.it
Sat Oct 6 17:38:54 UTC 2007

Thanks for doubling work again - now I have to re-explain people how to 
do things. I reverted the pages and hope that some of my colleagues who 
now complained that I sent them to a page where they did not find what 
they expected according to my description, will still help - they did 
not find what I described on the pages and so they were not able to 
translate - thanks indeed. I already explained why I handled things the 
way I did.

I reverted the pages and please leave them as is - you can add 
categories to them and languages to the list, but please don't start to 
use templates. Anyway I will now file requests for translation and proof 
reading for each language and each page where the text is to be found on 
(that is the text is there when you click on edit and not some nice 
template stating {{/source}}). And I will copy the English text to be 
translated to the target pages so that I can ask people to simply 
overwrite the text there.

So please don't add any templates or categories to the target pages. 
Please understand that besides the group of people that deals with 
translations within the WMF (who are able to edit also normal wiki 
pages) I am trying to involve colleagues who don't have a clue about a 
wiki works. I already had a bad experience almost two years ago after 
wikimania 2005 when I asked them for help and after that it got really 
difficult to involve people. If that happens again I will never again 
ask any colleague to contribute to the translations for WMF - sorry, but 
it is my very personal professional credibility that is going down-hill 
in that way. If we want something for free from somebody we must make 
things as simple as possible - it is not others that have to learn how 
to work on a wiki, it is us who have to provide the possibility for 
newbies to help.

Thanks for your understanding.

Best wishes,


p.s. The fundraiser of the Wikimedia Foundation will start soon ... stay tuned :-)
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