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Hello Aphaia 

I have done a lot of translation for the trustee board elections, but did not have a vote, because I did not have enough edits. For voting editors had to have a large number of edits (if I remember rightly minimum 400) to be able to vote. We also had arbitrators and stewards elections. Now there is a Picture of the year competition on Commons, needing 100 edits.

If you spend your time on translating you cannot use your time with edits and might take a lot of time to obtain enough edits to vote. If this is the case then translators are penalised in elections.

If translators can obtain rights to vote for any elections by doing lots of translations instead of editing then their work effort is rewarded.

Sorry if all this was not clear in my previous mail


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On 2/13/07, louis bodo <louis_bodo at yahoo.fr> wrote:
> Because translation is not editing it does not mean that it cannot take a lot of effort.

As far as I assume rightly you meant here something to
write/full-scratch as "editing", totally I agree.

>Is there an editing equivalent to translations, or are our
> efforts ignored when it comes to voting ?

I have no idea what you are talking. Which voting?

> The reason I ask this question is because looking at the list of my activities in my target language I found no translation effort credits.
> Further, I understand that because Meta does not belong to any chapter any
> translation you do on it cannot be credited.

I am afraid I am lost here too. what do you mean with "the list of my
activities in my target language"?

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