[Translators-l] [Meta][Translation] press release page renewed and two requests are open

Aphaia aphaia at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 16:37:37 UTC 2007

First sorry for confusion, after reviewing the recent edit, the press
release we are discussing is *not* requested for translation. Again,
sorry for your inconvinience and our poor coordination.

On 2/13/07, habj <sweetadelaide at gmail.com> wrote:
> Actually, I asked Brion about this. He said this was already implemented on
> all the other Wikipedias from before, so English Wikipedia is the last one
> where this was implemented.

Yes and not all the world has known about it. Last December (IIRC)
Japanese Wikipedia was referred on a net media "you can try to SEO
marketing, creating your company's article, and it is free". It was so
a bad idea that 1) technically it didn't work with already impremented
nofollow, 2) it violates Wikimedia non-profit character and NPOV
principle, 3) many people not only Wikipedia community but also other
open-project communities people disrespect the author and the media.
One of the point of this story may be that it is not widely known
"nofollow" implemented.

That is why I thought it could be helpful to inform your community,
and later I think it could be helpful for people in your land and who
want to use English Wikipedia for that purpose (and consequently
helpful for English Wikipedia).

As for the problem, suggested by AnyFile, "if it is
meaningful/adequate to fill xxxx with a local press contact" is ...
eh, I think it depends. If the press contact in your country is not a
contributor to English Wikipedia, it might be less meaningful .... I
would like Sandy to input her opinion (after she succeed in
subscription to this list), or give us a choice either we put her name
in such a place (in future press release particular) or put a local
press contact, but it is totally my personal suggestion.

KIZU Naoko
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