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louis bodo louis_bodo at yahoo.fr
Fri Oct 20 05:10:11 UTC 2006

Hi & gmorning
You don't sleep much. Do you ?
Thanks for the renseign, download from your server was successful
1. Now what do I open OmegaT with ?
2. I only have Explorateur, no Firefox, life's too complicated already
All the best, bye, Louis

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Hi Louis,
> Thank you for the quick response. I now know what it is about and it 
> will be a good idea to have it.
> However I have two q immediately:
> 1. When I tried to download the file you gave for OmegaT+Java my 
> software decided that such file type does not exist
That is strange ... well you can also download it from my server where I 
have a copy of RC10 for Windows including Java.

> 2. When I tried to download the programme without Java I received 
> a list of 'suppliers' of the programme in different languages 
> (Hungarian excluded) and I don't know what to do with it ! I am in a 
> cul de sac.
OmegaT does not install Java itself - only the bundel-version coms with 
the bits and pieces of Java. By clicking on OmegaT.bat in the subfolder 
you start the program without installing it on your computer: so no 
entries in the registry and no problems when there is an update, since 
you don't need to install it. OmegaT, as much as I remember, has no 
localisation in Hungarian for now - so it would load with English as 
> When I looked for Java on my computer, to my surprise I could not find it
Well normally that should be installed separately if you use the version 
without Java. You can get it from here:
(sorry for some reason I cannot force the website to show up in English 
... my System is in German so I suppose it automatically reads that info).
> Oh, one more q: do I just type the address of the chatline on my 
> address line to get to it ?
Well you need, for example Chatzilla installed if you use Firefox as 
browser - or other chat software. If you don't want to install this you 
can also go through various web interfaces:

    * http://www.bitshuffle.org/cgiirc/
    * http://java.freenode.net/index.php
    * http://brujula5.brujula.net/cgi-bin/cgi/irc.cgi

If you have problems in using these, please let me know which one you 
are trying to use so I can help with descriptions.

Off to bed :-) Good night!

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