[Translators-l] [Fundraising] Translation season is comimg

Aphaia aphaia at gmail.com
Tue Nov 21 17:16:43 UTC 2006

Hello translators and coordinators,

Transcom was recently informed by the Board that we will have a
fundraising campaign starting very soon. It implies translations
- fundraising notice
- related information

Related information? Yes, including financial report.

The Foundation will release its annual report. Once approved, they
will be ready to be translated. The chair of Board said that their
expectation was  to see this report translated into major languages.

Do you have any questions? On this mailinglist, there are many
knowledgeable. Do not be hesitant to ask, just reply this mail and
write down your question!

We will very appreciate your readiness and help. Watch translators-l &
[[m:TR]]. A massive translation season is coming soon ;)

KIZU Naoko
  Wikiquote: http://wikiquote.org
  * Nessuna poesia prima di noi *

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