[Translators-l] [Foundation-l] Volunteers needed for the Wikimania Program Team

OTA Takashi takot+wikimania at sfc.keio.ac.jp
Wed Mar 22 14:08:12 UTC 2006

Hi all.

From: Aphaia <aphaia at gmail.com>
Subject: Re: [Translators-l] [Foundation-l] Volunteers needed for the Wikimania Program Team
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 19:21:53 +0900

> Though you can't have time or any other things you feel to need, you
> can also help Wikimania team to help CfP and Call for participation
> distribution.

I'm glad to collaborate with many wikimedians through translating. As
my greetings, I wrote the first version of Japanese CfP translation,
while I still am an IP user because I don't have an account on meta.
Thank you Aphaia-san for filling workshops/tutorials deadlines.

> Last year, we translated CfP and other info into many languages -
> almost ten when the site was launched. Expectedly, those bunch of
> information will be available in languages as many as last year.

The translated CfP made me attend Wikimania 2005 last summer. I
appreciate all translators so much.

> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Translation_requests/Wikimania
> Now there are two documents requested for translation (one is long,
> another is very short)
> If you joined the last year team, consider to be back.
> If you were not then, consider to join us.

I will join you! Sometimes I will be as lazy as a grizzly bear just
after hibernation, because I'm in process of hunting my permanent
job. (Job offerings are strongly welcome. :)

> I assure - it will be fun ;-)

Sure :-)

--OTA Takashi

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