[Translators-l] Translating Wikizine or fragments of it

Walter Vermeir walter at wikipedia.be
Thu Jun 29 20:43:02 UTC 2006


I have the idea that relative many people here already know my
newsletter Wikizine.

Just like you are trying to improve communication by translating texts
so do I try to exchange news across the projects.

But of course also Wikizine gets stuck at the language barrier.  It is
always been my hope the some readers of Wikizine would be so good
translate the news for there local community.

Of that really happens I am not sure about. I do know there have been
attempts to translate Wikizine on some wikis but the die after a
couple of weeks.

I suspect there on this list the largest concentration of people of
different languages versions of the projects are subscribed. Therefor
I would like to seek your help to get my message across the language

If a couple of people per language where to volunteer to translate
Wikizine or even some parts of it the seem the most relevant then this
would greatly help to inform the total community about the news of the
global Wikimedia project.

Only one translation needs to be made to cover all the different
projects in the language. It can be done but is needs the 2 or 3
people who are willing to do it and keep doing it week after week.

I would like to ask you to see on your home projects of you can get
some people interested to do something like this.

Thank you for reading this and I hope that some languages will
consider making a translation.


The guy from Wikizine

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mailto:request at wikizine.org?subject=subscribe

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