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An open Wikimedia meeting is announced for this Sunday at  21:00 UTC.
Forwarded from foundation-l.

 IRC: #wikimedia-meeting  on irc.freenode.net
 Web: http://irc.wikicities.com/meeting/

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Subject: [Foundation-l] Re: Wikimedia Committees: open meeting, February [5]
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The time most favored by those voting was 21:00 UTC Sunday 5th.

Details of the meeting are at

Some suggested topics that need to be covered include:
    * scope of work for each committee
    * need for subcommittees and procedures to create them
    * membership procedures
    * roles within committees: chair, member, consultant
    * decision-making processes
    * ways to deal with confidential information
    * interaction and communication between the committees and to the Board
    * legal liability of committee and their members

I'm hoping the committee organizers will make the effort to attend,
but anyone else with an interest in Foundation matters is very

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