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Brion Vibber brion at pobox.com
Thu Dec 28 03:53:00 UTC 2006

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Hi everybody!

So as you may have noticed, we've been running our big year-end
fundraiser for Wikimedia. The site keeps getting bigger and more
popular, and we need to bring in money to run our servers, keep our
internet connection up, and pay the small office and tech staff that
keeps things humming so everybody can keep Wikipedia and friends fun and

But the the visual notices on the site to show people the status of the
fundraising have been... not as well organized as we'd like.

In particular, the notices (especially those which mention organizations
matching public donations, which are slightly controversial) have not
been laid out, shown to the community, and provided to translators ahead
of time.

I'd like us to improve that situation, if possible.

The first quick thing I'm doing is to take a more direct hand in the
fundraising notices and making sure they're available to translators. I
hope I'm not stepping on anyone's toes, but I would like to get a little
more involved with the translators to prepare things for software
changes as well as this immediate fundraiser issue. :)

For today only there is a notice about matching donations by Virgin
Unite, which hasn't been widely translated yet.

I know, I know, last minute stuff... but in the future there will be
others; we will have at least one other matching donor during the course
of this fundraising run. If possible I'd like to make sure we have this
notice translated more widely by the end of today, and I definitely hope
we can have it ready in most languages for the next one, which will
happen in a couple of weeks.

I've put a generic one-line matching-donation notice up for translation


Some wikis probably already have this translated locally, so can be
copied back to this master page for later reference. Others maybe
haven't updated yet, or are even on an older version altogether.

It's my hope that for the next one we'll be more organized ahead of time
and we can get these things to you guys on time.

Thanks to everybody; it's a big help and I hope I can hold up the other
end of things when asking for things in the future. :)

Feel free to send me hate mail / love letters. Getting your communities
to comment on the form of the notices for the future is also very
welcome; we don't want these things to be surprises like they were for
many today.

- -- brion vibber (brion @ pobox.com / brion @ wikimedia.org)
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