[Translators-l] UI text translation

Any File anysomefile at gmail.com
Thu Aug 31 07:42:50 UTC 2006

My points about cordinating translation of board election notices was
both giuridical and technical (actually the technical one was that
iussed my attention).

If the messages about the election should be the same in meaning on
every project and on every languagge (since the election is only one
election that is wide to all of the porjects and languages) there is
no point why they should exist in different version (except of course
for translation in different languages, but there is no point why
there can be two different versions in the same language).

More generically, who has the power to decide what should be written
in these message? WHat should be happen if, for example, a date is
mispelled? It has not much sense that the English version is checked
by the Election officials and the others not (of course I do not want
that the officials should know all the languages and check them all,
but just that the message are posted somewhere on meta or on the
foundation web site with the "officialized" transaltion).

It would be strange that the same message is different in different
project on the same language.

But the origin of my previous message was mainly technical.

You (Aphaia) have said in the first message of this thread

>>Those changes could be done automatically by MediaWiki default, or

Now my knowladge in this argument is embarassing.
Are these messages part of the standard mediawiki package? Are they
part of Messages.php (and trnaslation/customization)
How does the update by the "special user" "MediaWiki default" work?
Would it replace only the message that have never been edited? (if not
an already trnaslated message would be replaced by the English
Would it replace with the new English version or  with the new version
in the appropriate language?

If this arise some technical question it would be interesting to add
into this discussion the technical expert (I do not dare since I have
never looked at the code, perhaps this iusse has already been set)

Is there a way to have a file separated by language.php to deal with
these company's message?


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