[Translators-l] UI text translation

Any File anysomefile at gmail.com
Wed Aug 30 12:14:37 UTC 2006

I have seen other message in the Mediawiki default that have reference
to years 2005 or that have a link to page in meta regarding last year

> Those changes could be done automatically by MediaWiki default, or
> not. Anyway, it would be nice to prepare translations of those
> messages in my opinion.

Would the messaged be inserted in he appropriate language or in English?

Can be the tranlation be centralized, so that one traslation for
language can be done and than porpagate to other projects in the same

For Italian I am now updating the message on wikinews (the only
project I have admin access), but there are some message that I do not
understand exactly where the are used and how.

For instance  boardvote_entry has some part of the textx coment out.
Is it suppose to change  according to the time?


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