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Sun Mar 20 16:19:17 UTC 2005

Hey, I changed the French to dimanche des Rameaux, which is the right
French name for this day.



On Sun, 20 Mar 2005 10:52:10 +0100, Sabine Cretella
<sabine_cretella at yahoo.it> wrote:
> As many of you might know I have an Italian mailing list where I send in
> a word a day together with related links - this not only to promote
> wiktionary, but the wikimedia projects in general.
> This includes links to wikipedia, commons, wikibooks (always if I find
> ressources that are available or if someone tells me). Yesterday Saturn
> for example was also linked to the pictures on commons.
> Now to day we have Palm Sunday for many people in the world, in two
> weeks this recurrence is for the orthodox church - and of course
> whenever there are special days I try to send in the translation of just
> this day.
> So starting from the English wikipedia I added translations to the
> article - searched for the French version with google etc. and added the
> Italian and German Pronunciation.
> The result is here:
> http://it.wiktionary.org/wiki/Domenica_delle_Palme
> What I would like to ask you now is to check, if the copied and pasted
> names are really correct, add pronuciation-files to meta and link it
> here (or just tell me how the file on meta is called - I can then link it).
> If you have languages to add, please do so - at this moment there is
> :*{{cs}}: [[Květná neděle]]
> :*{{de}}: [[Palmsonntag]] {{m}}
> [[Media:de-Palmsonntag.ogg|<small>''Ascolta la pronuncia''</small>]]
> :*{{en}}: [[Palm Sunday]]
> :*{{fi}}: [[palmusunnuntai]]
> :*{{fr}}: [[dimanche des Palmes]]
> :*{{nl}}: [[Palmzondag]], [[Palmpasen]], [[Passiezondag]]
> :*{{no}}: [[Palmesøndag]]
> :*{{pl}}: [[Niedziela palmowa]]
> And who is worrying about the user interface: if you are logged in you
> can set the language of the ui by clicking on "preferenze" in the line
> where your user name is and set it to the desired language. If you don't
> want to do this, just klick on "modifica" when you have the Italian user
> face.
> If someone is worrying that he/she doesn't know the language name in
> Italian to insert the translation: no problem - just insert the language
> code like shown above (e.g. {{de}} for German) - when you save your
> changes the language name will show up.
> I'll send another mail today referring to Persian New Year, so please be
> patient :-) It's a special day and the word of the day list today will
> receive two words of the day.
> Thanks!
> Ciao, Sabine
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