[Translators-l] Quarto #2 : proofreading, final translations

Sj 2.718281828 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 07:25:03 UTC 2005

Hello all.  Three notes:

1) Proofreaders : now is your finest hourl
WQ-2 is preparing an official release in 8+ languages.  Help ensure
there are no mistakes.   Look over the final content in your language
(particularly Cs, De, En, Es, Fr, It, Ja, Pl, and Pt):

And make sure you've included the last-minute corrections:

2) Translators : still bits left to be finished
For simpler English text, please see
http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/WQ/2/simple .

Cs, It, Pl : Everything is done.  Fantastic!  Doublecheck the
corrections (see link above)
De : pgs 5, 6; part of pg 7 (Vala's thesis)
En : Not much work this time.  (everyone else : submit more
non-english content!)
Es : Bits of pg.1 / Navigation icons
Fr : Small parts of pgs 4, 5, 8.
Ja : Small parts of pg 5.
Pt : Part of pg 7 (Vala's thesis).  [Ikescs/Henrique is amazing,
easily winning the prize* for 'fastest translator'.  Finished the
entire newsletter, with no help, in a few days.]

3) For other languages (mainly Zh) : To publish a partial translation,
do pgs 1-3 and 8.
An approximate translation of an entire page is better than a careful
translation of small sections (for the purposes of publishing).


* we need one of these.  maybe a wikitotem...

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