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Aphaia aphaia at
Sun Jun 5 09:04:14 UTC 2005


On 6/5/05, Sabine Cretella <sabine_cretella at> wrote:
> Hallo, sollte jemand Lust auf einen kurzen Text haben, die Press-Release
> zu Kennisnet und Wikipedia/Wikitionary/Server wäre auch in anderen
> Sprachen recht vorteilhaft.

Stimmt und moechtest du auch diese Nachrichten auf Foundaion Webseite
stellen oder?

There are some pieces of latest news, including Kennisnet matters.
Other news are
-Official positions
-MediaWiki got a French award

Thank you for Ryo, GeraldM and Anthere for those information.
On the other hand, I ask all of you to list your news also on meta,
Translation request

Kennisnet news is currently not translated into any other languages
yet. Most of translator seem to rely on request pages,  and not to
check the foundation wiki so much frequently. And I am sure you would
be happier to see  the information you have brought us translated into
several languages on the site.


email: Aphaia @ gmail (dot) com

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