[Translators-l] Wikimania: Wiki flam^B^B^Bdiscussions, Writing and MEDIA Contest reminders

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Sat Jul 30 00:40:53 UTC 2005

Dear all,

There will be almost 70 presenters at Wikimania : academics and
researchers, teachers, professional translators, librarians and
archivists, sociologists, economists, entrepreneurs, programmers,
artists.  Many of these are Wikimedians; almost as many are not.

I. Wikimania proceedings preview 
II. Wiki discussions in the proceedings 
III. Writing (and media) contest reminder 

== Wikimania proceedings preview ==
You can see abstracts and full papers for the various presentations
here, in the wiki proceedings of the conference.  Unlike many
proceedings, these are available now, though they are not yet

== Wiki discussions in the proceedings ==

You are invited (encouraged, even) to comment on each presentation,
and to start discussions and ask questions, on its proceedings talk
page.  Someone in each session will make sure to ask any questions
posed on the wiki, during the session itself.

If you have written down wikimedial thoughts elsewhere on the web, or
have your own work you wish you could have presented at Wikimania (but
didn't submit in time / are being held captive by a saltwater
taffygnome), be sure to add a link to thoes thoughts from related

To start discussions not covered by one of the sessions, or during the
Hacking Days early next week, please add sections to the Wikimania
Discussions page:

== Writing (and media) contest reminder ==

This is the last weekend to nominate great articles, news stories,
wikibooks, quote and definition collections, and primary sources, for
the Wikimania writing contest.  Please nominate your all-time
favorites; don't be shy.  Did I mention this is a multilingual
contest?  The predominance of English- and Dutch-language nominations
is simply shocking.

Likewise for the parallel media contest, for images, music, and video.
 You still have time to upload content not currently on Wikimedia
projects and enter it into the contests; some of the categories are
yet sparse and ripe for conquest (only 2 audio and 1 video submissions
so far... it will be sad if we have to give *both* video awards to
Raul's DNA microarray thriller)

In the networked hands of Lufthansa,

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