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Lovely.  Thanks for this effort, Sabine.   I think the main group we
are currently missing is EN-DE translators; as long as the site is up
to date in English and German, most guests and press will be happy.


On 7/29/05, Sabine Cretella <sabine_cretella at yahoo.it> wrote:
> First of all: sorry for crossposting to all lists, but I need to reach
> as many people as possible.
> There are two things I would like to talk about and maybe this mail is
> going to be quite long.
> At this stage I took over part of the translation's organisation (or all
> of it? we'll see ...)
> There are some problems involved when it comes to translations for
> wikimania - on one hand we will have people that know how to edit and
> that go simply there and edit an article on the other hand we will work
> with translators who don't know how to do this and therefore they
> receive the article and send it back to me - then their work needs to be
> copied and pasted into the wiki.
> Therefore I created a page where to collect the names of people who work
> for wikimania and a yahoogroup to assure that every article is only
> translated once.
> The translator's list can be find here:
> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Translators_that_are_willing_to_co-operate
> It is organised by language combinations. I also added myself, but
> really I suppose I won't have much time to translate since I will need
> the time for organisational tasks.
> The translator's list is on yahoo: wikimaniatrans at yahoogroups.com
> I am inserting all translators there since all articles that need
> translation are posted there. The first translator who answers to the
> list with "I am doing this translation EN-IT" (just to make an example)
> will translate that language combination of that particular article - so
> all other translators know that this work is being done.
> So if you are interested in co-operating for translations, please add
> yourself to the list and subscribe to the yahoo-group. If you won't do
> this yourself: just send me a mail indicating
> Language combinations
> Name
> e-mail
> Website (if any)
> As to the reporters: to be faster in our work it would be great if you
> sent me a note with the link as soon as your article is online and ready
> for translation. I know that this is not the normal "wiki-way" but we
> have to deal with people that are not used to wikis and we don't have
> the time to teach them how to work there.
> Please drop me a note so that I know you before (it would be great).
> As to admins: please post the message that we are on search for
> translators in your Beer Parlours and ask people who are interested to
> contact me by e-mail (either sabine_cretella at yahoo.it or
> s.cretella at wordsandmore.it) - I understand German, Italian, English,
> French, Spanish and write German, Italian, English - I approximatively
> understand some more languages, but it is not the case to guess what is
> written in this situation, so please bear with me and accept these
> limits :-)
> For now that's all - the more we are the better we will be and the less
> work anyone will do - if there's someone who would like to help with the
> copy/paste upload: please let me know.
> Ciao!!!!
> Sabine
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