[Translators-l] Wikmania: reporters and translators - admins please read and write notes on your beer parlours.

Sabine Cretella sabine_cretella at yahoo.it
Fri Jul 29 11:54:18 UTC 2005

First of all: sorry for crossposting to all lists, but I need to reach 
as many people as possible.

There are two things I would like to talk about and maybe this mail is 
going to be quite long.

At this stage I took over part of the translation's organisation (or all 
of it? we'll see ...)

There are some problems involved when it comes to translations for 
wikimania - on one hand we will have people that know how to edit and 
that go simply there and edit an article on the other hand we will work 
with translators who don't know how to do this and therefore they 
receive the article and send it back to me - then their work needs to be 
copied and pasted into the wiki.

Therefore I created a page where to collect the names of people who work 
for wikimania and a yahoogroup to assure that every article is only 
translated once.

The translator's list can be find here:
It is organised by language combinations. I also added myself, but 
really I suppose I won't have much time to translate since I will need 
the time for organisational tasks.

The translator's list is on yahoo: wikimaniatrans at yahoogroups.com
I am inserting all translators there since all articles that need 
translation are posted there. The first translator who answers to the 
list with "I am doing this translation EN-IT" (just to make an example) 
will translate that language combination of that particular article - so 
all other translators know that this work is being done.

So if you are interested in co-operating for translations, please add 
yourself to the list and subscribe to the yahoo-group. If you won't do 
this yourself: just send me a mail indicating
Language combinations
Website (if any)

As to the reporters: to be faster in our work it would be great if you 
sent me a note with the link as soon as your article is online and ready 
for translation. I know that this is not the normal "wiki-way" but we 
have to deal with people that are not used to wikis and we don't have 
the time to teach them how to work there.

Please drop me a note so that I know you before (it would be great).

As to admins: please post the message that we are on search for 
translators in your Beer Parlours and ask people who are interested to 
contact me by e-mail (either sabine_cretella at yahoo.it or 
s.cretella at wordsandmore.it) - I understand German, Italian, English, 
French, Spanish and write German, Italian, English - I approximatively 
understand some more languages, but it is not the case to guess what is 
written in this situation, so please bear with me and accept these 
limits :-)

For now that's all - the more we are the better we will be and the less 
work anyone will do - if there's someone who would like to help with the 
copy/paste upload: please let me know.



Sabine Cretella
s.cretella at wordsandmore.it
skype: sabinecretella


Yahoo! Mail: gratis 1GB per i messaggi e allegati da 10MB 

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