[Translators-l] Problems with Norwegian Translation

Klaus Weidenbach Klaus.Weidenbach at gmx.net
Fri Nov 19 08:27:56 UTC 2004


Norwegian is not my native language, but I have set up a Wikimedia in 
norwegian language and I have realized several problems. Many links were 
different from the english or german version, like they link to 
"Wikipedia:XXX" and not the project name and so on. I have started to fix the 
"LanguageNo.php" file, but also realized several other problems like 
hardcoded date since when the statistics is running and several other things 
that also need bit work with the translation and I don't want to do this 
alone, because I am not that good in Norwegian still and also haven't worked 
yet with wikimedia translations. 
I would love to know how I could contact the norwegian translators that we can 
work bit more on it maybe.

Thanks in advance!!


take care!

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