[Translators-l] Translation request: Wikimania banner

Steven Melenchuk crazyr2 at shaw.ca
Fri Nov 5 03:48:02 UTC 2004

As you may or may not be aware, Wikimania 2005: The First International 
Wikimedia Conference will be held in Frankfurt am Main, Germany in early 
August 2005 (most likely 4-8 August 2005). A banner has recently been 
created for this, and the text for the banner needs to be translated. 
The English banner is at [[commons:Image:wikimania-web-en.png]]. It reads:

Wikimania 2005
The First International Wikimedia Conference
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
4-8 August, 2005

If you are going to edit the image directly the font used was Bitstream 
Charter; the original format of the banner is two EPS files with 
different font sizes which I can send on request. If you just want to 
give me the translated text I can upload a PNG of the banner with the 
appropriate text on it (this may not work well for jp:, zh: and the like 
but we could try it anyways). I would prefer the translated text or the 
EPS approaches in that there is a small chance that these banners could 
be printed and I would like to have that option available in as many 
languages as possible.

So go to it, translators. :)

~Grunt (Steven Melenchuk)

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