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> >
> > I have a hard time keeping them straight. As I understand it
> >
> > - Extension:ContentTranslation aids translation of _entire_ articles
> between _separate wikis_ . If you don't visit Special:ContentTranslation
> you don't notice its operation.
> This is mostly right, but of course you will see the articles created with
> its help as a reader and a recent changes patroller. They will also have a
> tag in the revision.
And one more thing, if it hasn't changed in the meantime: if you're looking
at an article on wiki A that has no interwiki to wiki B, where B is the
"fallback language" for language A, Extension:ContentTranslation (abbrev.
CX) will subtly invite you to translate the article from A into B by
putting a grayed(!) link in the interwiki space.  If you click that, you
find yourself in CX from A to B.

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