[Mediawiki-i18n] Fwd: CLDR Survey Tool is open for beta testing for the CLDR 28 release

Federico Leva (Nemo) nemowiki at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 07:40:15 UTC 2015

It's starting! Go play with the survey tool a bit if possible, or get 
access now for the next translation phase.


--------  Messaggio inoltrato --------
Oggetto: CLDR SurveyTool message from admin
Data: Wed, 29 Apr 2015 23:19:58 -0500
Mittente: CLDR SurveyTool

This message is being sent to you on behalf of admin" <admin@> (Survey 
Tool) - user #1
SurveyTool Message ---
The Unicode CLDR TC is pleased to announce that the CLDR Survey Tool is 
open for beta testing for the CLDR 28 release.  You are receiving this 
e-mail because you currently have an active account with CLDR, and are 
eligible to submit data to CLDR on behalf of your organization. If you 
plan to make any data submissions to CLDR in the current release, please 
log into the CLDR survey tool at http://st.unicode.org/cldr-apps/survey 
and familiarize yourself with the user interface.  During the BETA 
testing phase, any votes entered will not go into CLDR.  The committee 
plans to switch over to "live" voting on Weds. May 6.

Some of the new items and features since the last data submission cycle:

1). Compact currency formats.
2). Some new types of units.
3). Upcoming / in progress - N,E,S,W designations for latitude/longitude.

Policy change:  The CLDR TC is in the process of implementing a change 
in the way votes are tallied when 2 vetters from the same organization 
(with equal voting rights) vote differently on an item.  In the past, 
these 2 would cancel each other out and the organization would receive 
no vote on the item.  We will be changing this so that the most recent 
vote from the given organization is the one that is tallied in this case.

If you encounter problems during the BETA testing cycle, please do one 
of the following, depending on the type of problem you encounter:
For administrative problems ( login/password or changes to allowed 
locales ) contact the CLDR TC administrator for your organization, or 
RickMcGowan (rick at unicode.org) for individual guest accounts.
For technical issues, please open a CLDR ticket using the form at 

Thank you for your participation in the Unicode CLDR Project!

Survey Tool: http://st.unicode.org/cldr-apps/survey

This email was generated automatically as part of the CLDR survey process
If you have any questions about it,
please contact your organization's CLDR Technical Committee member,
or: surveytool at unicode.org
TO UNSUBSCRIBE: You must permanently disable your account to stop 
receiving these emails. See: <http://st.unicode.org/cldr-apps/lock.jsp>

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