[Mediawiki-i18n] MediaWiki Language Extension Bundle 2014.06 release

Kartik Mistry kartik.mistry at gmail.com
Fri Jun 27 18:57:20 UTC 2014

Hello all,

I would like to announce the release of MediaWiki Language Extension
Bundle 2014.06. This bundle is compatible with MediaWiki 1.23.x and
MediaWiki 1.22.x releases.

* Download: https://translatewiki.net/mleb/MediaWikiLanguageExtensionBundle-2014.06.tar.bz2
* sha256sum: 02721b25e8c8fe06889b825a1c03fc4c1b1e4268d1e56169815983b5e87e8932

Quick links:
* Installation instructions are at: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/MLEB
* Announcements of new releases will be posted to a mailing list:
* Report bugs to: https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org
* Talk with us at: #mediawiki-i18n @ Freenode

Release notes for each extension are below.

-- Kartik Mistry

== Babel, CLDR, CleanChanges and LocalisationUpdate ==
* Only localisation updates

== Translate ==
=== Noteworthy changes ===
* New feature, Special:PageMigration page has been added and feedback
is welcome!
** Fetches and displays the translation units created by Translate for
the given page.
** Imports the old translations for given language on paragraph level
and displays them.
** Feature can be now conditionally enabled by setting
$wgTranslatePageMigration to true.
** Allows to edit or delete a translation as well as swapping with the
unit below.
** Allows to save the translations by creating corresponding pages.
** Enabled by default for translation admins.
* Special:AggregateGroups page is now visible to unprivileged users in
read-only mode.
* Email notifications are no longer sent upon translation review.
* Page title can be excluded from translation.
* Regression fix: Message checker live updates is working again with
this release.

== UniversalLanguageSelector ==
=== Noteworthy changes ===
* Bug 64741: Fix 'Add links' option in Monobook skin when page has no
interlanguage links.
* Added support for Khakas language.


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