[Mediawiki-i18n] MediaWiki Language Extension Bundle 2013.09 release

Kartik Mistry kartik.mistry at gmail.com
Wed Sep 25 15:19:52 UTC 2013


I would like to announce the release of MediaWiki Language Extension
Bundle 2013.09. This bundle is compatible with MediaWiki 1.20.7 and
MediaWiki 1.21.2.

* Download: https://translatewiki.net/mleb/MediaWikiLanguageExtensionBundle-2013.09.tar.bz2
* sha256sum: 2ac55639aeb43a6f3d198a87e10111f673eae1115225de072be73a1fa2052ab2

Quick links:
* Installation instructions are at: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/MLEB
* Announcements of new releases will be posted to a mailing list:
* Report bugs to: https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org
* Talk with us at: #mediawiki-i18n @ freenode

Release notes for each extension are below.

    Kartik Mistry

== CLDR ==
* Updated to CLDR v 24.
* Localisation updates.

== Babel and CleanChanges ==
* Only localisation updates.

== Translate ==
* Added initial support for insertables. This will be helpful in
typing and copy-paste of syntax like $1 and plural especially on
tablets (bug 38350). More about this feature:
* Removed non-breaking spaces in the language list shown on the top of
translatable pages. Non-breaking spaces makes the only places where
the browser can break the line is the languages containing a
(breaking) space, which are not the right places (bug 49900).
* Display the loading indicator in message group selector while
loading (bug 46829).

== UniversalLanguageSelector ==
=== Noteworthy changes ===
* Web fonts are no longer loaded for autonyms in the interlanguage
area. This is a temporary change to improve performance; a more
comprehensive fix may be done in the future.
* Use correct name for wiki content language. An incorrect name could
appear when anonymous user could not change the language, and the
language of the translation differed from the content language (bug
* Revert font preview correctly when pressing cancel button (bug 53203).
* Make the "Cancel" and "Apply" buttons applicable for all modules (bug 53256).
* Fixed some edge cases in which the IME menu went off-screen.
* Show an autonym in the input menu title for languages that don't
have input methods instead of an empty title.
* Ability to customize the time out for the IME selector widget. This
helps during development/debugging sessions where you often wish that
the widget stayed little longer.

=== Fonts ===
* Set OskiEast font default for Canadian Syllabic language.
* Set Phetsarath font default for Lao language.
* Updated TuladhaJejeg font for Javanese to 2.0.1 version.
* Fixed name of Estrangelo Edessa font.

=== Input methods ===
* Added and improved Persian keyboard.

Thanks to entire Language Engineering team for making this release possible!

Kartik Mistry | IRC: kart_
{0x1f1f, kartikm}.wordpress.com

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