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Thu Jun 20 00:35:02 UTC 2013

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https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/67233/ remotes the old-style login and
create account forms from core. The new forms have different messages, e.g.
no more colons in English labels and there's no more use of the  combined
"Log in / create account".  So I removed the old messages from
MessagesEn.php, MessagesQqq.php and messages.inc.

Raimond Spekking pointed out

 'userlogin' message is still used by the OpenID extension.
> Maybe more of these very old messages are used by other extensions.Needs
> investigation, partly revert recommended in the meantime.
Good point, 'userlogin' is also used by MobileFrontEnd and some
unmaintained signup extensions.  I will prepare a patch that restores it.

I searched for message keys in single quotes and it seems the other
messages I removed (yourname yourpasswordagain userlogin userloginnocreate
nologin nologinlink gotaccount gotaccountlink userlogin-resetlink
createaccountreason ) are unused by the the extensions in 1.22wmf7.

* Should I restore those other messages as well?
* Is there a process for deprecated or obsoleting a message in core?
* Should I put something in MessagesQqq.php saying "Unused in core but some
extensions still use it"

FWIW mediawiki.org's I18n page and Manual:System_message#
Creating_new_messages don't say anything about extensions reusing core

* Should  extension writers be cautioned about relying on messages in core?
* Perhaps instead they should define their own messages and use the
{{same}} template in Qqq to point out the same message is in core.

Thanks as always!

=S Page  software engineer on E3
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