[Mediawiki-i18n] First usability tests on early content translation prototypes

Pau Giner pginer at wikimedia.org
Thu Jul 11 10:18:06 UTC 2013


I conducted two usability tests with two users. Sessions were half user
research (to understand current process) and half usability testing (to
check how our initial design ideas worked).

The basic design ideas worked well and we got interesting feedback to keep
exploring. Observations have been analysed in a
a summary of the relevant findings, as well as the user recordings and
detailed observations for each participant.

I also created a public Trello
all the design problems and solutions I am considering. The purpose is
to allow it to unify the feedback I get from different sources (users,
Language engineering team, and the design team) in a single place where
anyone can access to it.

Next steps include:

   - Finding design solutions for detected issues
   - Update the prototypes to include the new ideas
   - Adapt the prototypes to other languages and recruit additional
   - Start adding information to a wiki page about the project,

Feel free to provide any feedback or ask any doubt.


Pau Giner
Interaction Designer
Wikimedia Foundation
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